*** All Lists Updated Aug 2018 ***

All flasks are in 500ml clear hard plastic flasks and contain at least 25 seedlings (otherwise noted).

Item # Name/Description Price
OIKP244 Paph. Dolls Kobold 'Pink Dorsal' x Baby Boo Boo 'Green Dorsal Pink Pouch'
We are lucky to have a few extra flasks of the mini complex available from Harold Koopowitz. These will bloom in a 5-7cm pot with multiple flower stems. Limited!
OIQ0174 Paph. (Mem. Heinrich Duerbusch 'Huge Spots' x (Morgana Spots x Mingo) 'Bright Spots'
We look for some huge dark spots! Limited!
OIR0009 Paph. Rivendell 'White Castle' x Sorcerer's Stone 'Wizard'
Rivendell is Elfstone Stone x Ice Castle. White castle is very round and good size. Here we crossed with one of the best and largest Sorcerer's Stone from the OZ. We hope for some huge white flowers!
OIR0029 Paph. Millennium 'Year of Lamb' x Diabolo's Signature 'Jumbo Spots'
A proof good breeding of huge spots with another large spots. If you like huge flowers with large dark bold spots, this is the one you must have. Limited!
OIR0172 Paph. Lippewunder x sib ('Humongous' x 'Joyce' SM/WOC)
Sibling cross of our two best Lippewunder! We hope for color, form and size from this!
OIR0181 Paph. thaianum 'Big Wonder' x (Sorcerer's Stone x Jamboree Knight) 'Green Monster'
Green Monster has over 15cm flowers. We hope for some white to green relatively large flowers from a very compact plants. Very limited!
OIS0023 Paph. Hamavin Jewel 'Fire Ball' x Millennium Dream 'Dreamer'
Hamavin Jewel is Crown Jewel x In-Charm Hamavin. Hope for huge red complex.
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