*** Last updated October 2016 ***

All flasks are in 500ml clear hard plastic flasks and contain at least 25 seedlings (otherwise noted).

Item # Name/Description Price
OIP0030 Paph. Eye Catcher 'Black Eye' x (Casa Mingo x New Generation) 'Perfect Spots'
Hope for huge large round spotted flowers. Both parents have over 6cm petal width!
OIP0294 Paph. (Acapulco Flair x Spotted World) 'Dense Spots' x (Mem. Heinrich Duerbusch x Lancer) 'Huge Spots'
We look for some huge dark spots! Limited!
OIQ0005 Paph. Junior Exploit 'Wild Cat' x Joker 'Poker Face'
Look for some well spotted dorsal and petals complex.
OIQ0006 Paph. Arafura Sea 'Red Sea' x (Morgana Spots x Mingo) 'Bright Spots'
Large flowers with large spots dorsal and possibly spotted petals.
OIQ0008 Paph. (Irish Fair x Stone Lovely) 'Gigantic Dorsal' x Sorcerer's Stone 'Wizard'
Huge white dorsal with green strips. Here we crossed with one of the largest and best Sorcerer's Stone from the OZ!
OIQ0012 Paph. Spotted Smile 'Sweet Smile' x (Morgana Spots x Mingo) 'Bright Spots'
Large flowers with large spots.
OIQ0032 Paph. Arafura Sea 'Red Sea' x Velvet Smile 'Happy Smile' AM/AOS
Red Sea has one of the best red pouch and petals with huge dorsal. Here we crossed with a large spots.
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