*** Last updated April 2017 ***

All flasks are in 500ml clear hard plastic flasks and contain at least 25 seedlings (otherwise noted).

Item # Name/Description Price
OIP0210 Paph. Houghtoniae (haynaldianum
Remade this oldie but goodie primary hybrid with much superior parents! We expect some award winners here. Good price due to good germination!
OIP0233 Paph. (Ichiro Suzuki x bellatulum) 'New Red Moon' x rothschildianum 'Giant Wings' GM/WOC
New Red Moon is also from one of the best from PAB0086. It is very round and with heavy red spots. We expect dark Rolfei type flowers but much easier to grow and bloom.
OIP0234 Paph. Mem. Joan Levy 'Iron Man' x Lady Isabel 'Jumbo Lady'
Mem. Joan Levy is stonei x gigantifolium. Iron Man has first bloomed with five huge flowers with very wide dorsal. With Lady Isabel, we expect even rounder dorsal with muscular look petals. Limited!
OIQ0099 Paph. Burning Phil fma. album (Berenice fma. album 'Albino Beauty' x philippinense fma. album 'Albino Beauty' AM/AOS)
Both parents are true albino. We expect the offspring will be albino! Limited availability! Net price!
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