*** Last updated October 2016 ***

All flasks are in 500ml clear hard plastic flasks and contain at least 25 seedlings (otherwise noted).

Item # Name/Description Price
OIP0217 Paph. Fumi Delight 'Rainbow' x delenatii fma. vini (dunkle) 'Purple Delight' AM/AOS
We are surprised this is an un-register cross! Color can range from creamy white to dark pink flowers. We also hope for some very round and flat flowers. Limited! Net price!
OIP0253 Paph. hangianum 'Red Center Fold' x (Ichiro Suzuki x bellatulum) 'New Red Moon'
A very good color hangianum 'Red Center Fold' crossed with a very dark color 'New Red Moon' which is one of the best PAB0086 we have bloomed. We look for some super sized Brachy! Limited! Net price!
OIP0269 Paph. Wossner China Moon 'Golden Bowl' x rothschildianum 'Giant Wings' GM/WOC
Golden Bowl has bright yellow color and has 15cm ns. We look for some huge Dollgoldi type flowers and expect to be much easy to grow and bloom. Limited! Net price!
OIP0276 Paph. Alexej (rothschildianum 'Giant Wings' GM/WOC x hangianum 'Red Moon')
Remade of this very popular hangianum hybrid. One of our last cross awarded with GM in Italty and SM in Germany with over 26cm NS flowers. We expect this will be even better in both the size, form and color. Net price!
OIQ0128 Paph. Lola Bird 'Cotton Candy' x rothschildianum 'Red Horizon'
We look for flowers similar to Gloria Naugle but much larger flowers.
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