*** Last updated April 2017 ***

All flasks are in 500ml clear hard plastic flasks and contain at least 25 seedlings (otherwise noted).

Item # Name/Description Price
OIP0273 Paph. Yang-Ji Hawk 'Black Hawk' x (Ichiro Suzuki x bellatulum) 'New Red Moon'
New Red Moon is also from one of the best from PAB0086. It is very round and with heavy red spots. Yangi-Ji Hawk is sanderianum x anitum. We hope some dark red flowers with 15-20cm long and wide flat petals.
OIQ0028 Paph. Sander's Parish (sanderianum 'Sky Tower' x parishii 'Jeanie' AM/AOS)
Jeanie has bloomed with 12 flowers. Sky Tower has 98cm petals. We expect 7-8 flowers with long petals on a strong stem. It will be a show stopper! This is the reverse of OIP0268. Good price due to good germination.
OIQ0112 Paph. Yang-Ji Hawk 'Long Tails' x rothschildianum 'Red Horizon'
Yangi-Ji Hawk is sanderianum x anitum. Long Tail has over 45cm petals. We hope for flowers similar to Prince Edward of York but with much darker color.
OIZ444 Paph. Michael Koopowitz 'Zephyrus Best' x lowii var. album 'Goldrush'
We look for some long wide petals. This is a two steps albino breeding and hence no album. But good for future breeding! Net price!
OIZ445 Paph. Michael Koopowitz 'Zephyrus Best' x sanderianum 'Dr. John Doherty' AM/AOS
We look for super long petals MK with over 60cm petals. This should be fast to grow and bloom. Net price!
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