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Item # Name/Description Price
PAB0095 Paph. bellatulum 'Perfecto' x (Ichiro Suzuki x bellatulum) 'New Red Moon'
Perfecto is one of the best from our PAS0441 so far! It has carried 3 flowers per stem. New Red Moon is also from one of the best from PAB0086. We hope for some very round bellatulum shape flowers with heavy spots.
NBS $40.00
PAB0066 Paph. Lucky Bells (bellatulum 'Bold Spots' x Bella Lucia 'Jumbo')
Another remade. We have bloomed some very round flowers with dark spots. Limited.
BS $30.00
PAB0089 Paph. Mem. Jack Feige 'Bella Red' x Hiro Luna 'Tiger Mask'
Our next generation breeding for solid red Brachy! Mem. Jack Feige is bellatulum x Tokyo Black Knight.
BS $40.00
PAB0092 Paph. niveum 'Oriental Express' x thaianum 'Perfect Circle'
Our first effort to make very round white Brachy flowers on tall stem with thaianum. First few to bloom has very round white flowers on a strong and tall stem. Plants are kept compact!
BS $25.00
PAB0091 Paph. Quantum Light var alba 'Tall Albino' x concolor var alba 'Albino Beauty'
Quantum Light is S. Gratrix x niveum. Both parents are alba. First few to bloom have very good substance creamy yellow round flowers on a strong stem. Limited!
BS $35.00
PAB0093 Paph. Quantum Light var. alba x sib ('Gigantic Albino' x 'Perfect Circle')
Quantum Light is S. Gratrix x niveum. With niveum as one of the parents, both parents have pure white round flowers on a very strong and tall stem. Expect easy to grow, bloom and disease free plants! Limited!
BS $40.00
PAB0090 Paph. Quantum Light var. alba x sib ('Super Round Albino' x 'Gigantic Albino')
Quantum Light is S. Gratrix x niveum. Two of our best albino Quantum Light! We expect some of the best Quantum Light with large and round creamy white flowers on relatively tall stem.
BS $40.00
PAB0096 Paph. S. Gratrix 'Black Widow' x thaianum 'Perfect Circle'
An exciting new Brachy hybrid that I like to make ever since the discovery of the thaianum. Black Widow is round with large dark markings. We hope for miniature plants with flowers similar to S. Gratrix.
BS $30.00
PAB0094 Paph. S. Gratrix x sib ('Red Circle' x 'Hi-Ball')
Sibling cross of two of our best S. Gratrix. We hope for good color and strong stem. Very Limited!
BS $35.00
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