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Item # Name/Description Price
PAB0100 Paph. Bellatino 'Red Bella' x (James Bacon x Tokyo Black Knight) 'Red Pepper'
Bellatino is Bella Lucia x Sabatino. Both parents are very round with red spots. We look for size and color here, some may bloom almost solid red! Very limited!
BS $45.00
PAB0095 Paph. bellatulum 'Perfecto' x (Ichiro Suzuki x bellatulum) 'New Red Moon'
Perfecto is one of the best from our PAS0441 so far! It has carried 3 flowers per stem. New Red Moon is also from one of the best from PAB0086. We hope for some very round bellatulum shape flowers with heavy spots.
NBS $40.00
PAB0102 Paph. Conco-bellatulum 'SVO' AM/AOS x thaianum 'Super Cute'
We used a very round and yellow Conco-bellatulum 'SVO' to cross with a spotted thaianum. We hope for some yellow to creamy yellow spotted round flowers on a small plant.
BS $25.00
PAB0101 Paph. concolor 'Yellow Bird' x thaianum 'Perfecto'
We hope for some creamy yellow flowers with strong stem. First one bloomed with two round creamy yellow flowers on a strong stem.
BS $25.00
PAB0103 Paph. leucochilum 'Super Red Spots' x thaianum 'Perfecto'
A large and red colored Super Red Spots crossed with a perfectly round lovely thaianum. We hope for some very round medium size flowers with red spots from a compact plant. Limited!
BS $30.00
PAB0089 Paph. Mem. Jack Feige 'Bella Red' x Hiro Luna 'Tiger Mask'
Our next generation breeding for solid red Brachy! Mem. Jack Feige is bellatulum x Tokyo Black Knight.
BS $40.00
PAB0092 Paph. niveum 'Oriental Express' x thaianum 'Perfect Circle'
Our first effort to make very round white Brachy flowers on tall stem with thaianum. First few to bloom has very round white flowers on a strong and tall stem. Plants are kept compact!
BS $25.00
PAB0104 Paph. Otogozen 'Yellow Tiger' x bellatulum 'Best of 15'
Yellow Tiger has 9.5cm NS and 6.2cm dorsal. Best of 15 is our best that we bloomed in 2015 with heavy spots. We hope for flowers very similar to bellatulum (close to 90% of bellatulum gene) but in yellow color!
NBS $45.00
PAB0091 Paph. Quantum Light var alba 'Tall Albino' x concolor var alba 'Albino Beauty'
Quantum Light is S. Gratrix x niveum. Both parents are alba. First few to bloom have very good substance creamy yellow round flowers on a strong stem. Limited!
BS $35.00
PAB0093 Paph. Quantum Light var. alba x sib ('Gigantic Albino' x 'Perfect Circle')
Quantum Light is S. Gratrix x niveum. With niveum as one of the parents, both parents have pure white round flowers on a very strong and tall stem. Expect easy to grow, bloom and disease free plants! Limited!
BS $40.00
PAB0090 Paph. Quantum Light var. alba x sib ('Super Round Albino' x 'Gigantic Albino')
Quantum Light is S. Gratrix x niveum. Two of our best albino Quantum Light! We expect some of the best Quantum Light with large and round creamy white flowers on relatively tall stem.
BS $40.00
PAB0096 Paph. S. Gratrix 'Black Widow' x thaianum 'Perfect Circle'
An exciting new Brachy hybrid that I like to make ever since the discovery of the thaianum. Black Widow is round with large dark markings. We hope for miniature plants with flowers similar to S. Gratrix.
BS $30.00
PAB0094 Paph. S. Gratrix x sib ('Red Circle' x 'Hi-Ball')
Sibling cross of two of our best S. Gratrix. We hope for good color and strong stem. Very Limited!
BS $35.00
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