*** Flask List Updated Jan 2018 ***

Item # Name/Description Price
PAB0089 Paph. Mem. Jack Feige 'Bella Red' x Hiro Luna 'Tiger Mask'
Our next generation breeding for solid red Brachy! Mem. Jack Feige is bellatulum x Tokyo Black Knight.
NBS $35.00
BS $45.00
PAB0092 Paph. niveum 'Oriental Express' x thaianum 'Perfect Circle'
Our first effort to make very round white Brachy flowers on tall stem with thaianum. First few to bloom has very round white flowers on a strong and tall stem. Plants are kept compact!
BS $25.00
PAB0091 Paph. Quantum Light var alba 'Tall Albino' x concolor var alba 'Albino Beauty'
Quantum Light is S. Gratrix x niveum. Both parents are alba. First few to bloom have very good substance creamy yellow round flowers on a strong stem. Limited!
BS $35.00
PAB0090 Paph. Quantum Light var. alba x sib ('Super Round Albino' x 'Gigantic Albino')
Quantum Light is S. Gratrix x niveum. Two of our best albino Quantum Light! We expect some of the best Quantum Light with large and round creamy white flowers on relatively tall stem.
BS $35.00
PAB0088 Paph. S. Gratrix 'High Ball' x helenae 'Yellow Gold'
High Ball has very round creamy flowers on very strong stem. Here we crossed with this miniature species helenae. First to bloom has relatively large yellow flower with wide dorsal, with pink/red toward center of flower!
BS $40.00
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