*** Last updated April 2017 ***

Item # Name/Description Price
PAC0122 Paph. (Kayday x Magic Mood) 'Wide Body' x Lippewunder 'Gigantic'
Wide body is huge has flower over 13cm ns. Here we crossed with one of our largest Lippewunder 'Gigantic' We hope some for huge golden brown to coppertone flowers.
12-16cm ls $20.00
NBS $25.00
PAC0133 Paph. (Spotglen x Duncan York) 'Heavy Spotted' x Chocolate Shot 'Kevin'
Hope for some heavily spotted complex here. Chocolate Shot is a complex spots of Japanese breeding.
NBS $25.00
PAC0131 Paph. (Spotglen x Duncan York) 'Super Clone' x Little Steve 'Dark Wide Wings'
We look for some dark bronze mini complex flowers with spots!
12-16cm ls $20.00
BS $30.00
PAC0120 Paph. (Spotted Waters x Personality) 'Bingo' x Lippewunder 'Joyce' SM/WOC
A heavily spotted crossed with a huge well colored awarded Lippewunder 'Joyce'. We hope for some huge spotted complex!
NBS $30.00
BS $35.00
PAC0125 Paph. Bloody Rain 'Lucky Pick' x Don Egger 'Black Panther'
Black Rain x Parry Gripp. Lucky Pick is from one of the best spot breeder with great form and huge spots. We bred with one of the darkest Don Egger 'Black Panther'. We hope for some great spotted complex!
BS $35.00
PAC0130 Paph. Fiordland Sunset 'Perfecto' x ((Gloriosum x Black Current) x Macabre) 'Gigantic'
An almost solid red spotted dorsal and petals 'Perfecto' crossed with a huge vini-colored Maudiae type Gigantic. First to bloom has solid bungundy color with fine dark spots on dorsal and petals in complex form.
12-16cm ls $25.00
PAC0068 Paph. Lippewunder x sib
Here are the second generation breeding of the world famous Lippewunder. Many awards have been granted in Japan & at the WOC. We have several sib crosses available. These are huge plants!
BS $45.00
PAC0129 Paph. Millennium (Spotted World x NewTown)
Huge complex with huge spots! The first batch received many awards in Japan. One of the best division sold for over 10K in Japan. Here is a remade using even better parents. Limited! Net Price!
BS $85.00
PAC0138 Paph. Millennium Dream (Millennium 'Diabolo' x Rock N Roll 'Macky')
One of the best spot complex today! Huge flowers wiith huge spots. Plants in bloom have been selling in Japan and on ebay over $1,000. We are lucky to have a few of these huge plants. Limited. Net price!
BS $125.00
PAC0139 Paph. Morgana Spots 'Skyer' x Casablanca 'Full Moon'
We look for huge flowers with dark spots!
NBS $30.00
PAC0128 Paph. Princess Sarella 'Wonderland' x Lippewunder 'Joyce' SM/WOC
Princess Sarella 'Wonderland' is one of the best color combination complex I have seem. Green, copper, pastel and pink color all in one flower. We crossed with Joyce, we hope for some super size and super color flowers!
NBS $25.00
PAC0132 Paph. Rock'n Roll 'Black Huge Spots' x Mem. Sabrina Mark 'Ed's Best'
Rock'n Roll is Weltz World x Rolling Thunder. They both are very flat, good size and large spots. First few to bloom have been very promising with very large spots and dark wine color pouch and petals!
NBS $30.00
BS $35.00
PAC0137 Paph. Sorcerer's Stone x sib
These are the best sibling crosses of this giant green complex! First few to bloom are huge and with great potential! Limited!
BS $45.00
PAC0136 Paph. Star Scream 'Samantha's Pick' AM/AOS x ((Fata Morgana x Lippespot) x (Lippespot x Lippetor)) 'Full Moon'
We hope for relatively huge flowers with huge spots on tall and strong stem!
NBS $30.00
BS $35.00
PAC0135 Paph. Stone Lovely 'Full Moon' x Icy Galaxy 'Over The Top'
Icy Galaxy is Stargate x Ice Castle which is very round and great substance. This is a new line of breeding for some modern complex white. First few to bloom are very round and with exceptional wide petals! Limited!
12-16cm ls $45.00
NBS $60.00
PAC0126 Paph. Stone Lovely 'Green Angel' x (Yosemite Moon x Stone Lovely) 'White Cloud'
Green Angel is our best Stone Lovely. Here we look for huge green with white halo flowers on a strong tall stem. First few bloomed are very promising!
14-18cm ls $25.00
BS $35.00
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