*** Flask List Updated Jan 2018 ***

Item # Name/Description Price
PAC0133 Paph. (Spotglen x Duncan York) 'Heavy Spotted' x Chocolate Shot 'Kevin'
Hope for some heavily spotted complex here. Chocolate Shot is a complex spots of Japanese breeding.
NBS $25.00
PAC0120 Paph. (Spotted Waters x Personality) 'Bingo' x Lippewunder 'Joyce' SM/WOC
A heavily spotted crossed with a huge well colored awarded Lippewunder 'Joyce'. We hope for some huge spotted complex!
NBS $30.00
PAC0068 Paph. Lippewunder x sib
Here are the second generation breeding of the world famous Lippewunder. Many awards have been granted in Japan & at the WOC. We have several sib crosses available. These are huge plants!
BS $45.00
PAC0129 Paph. Millennium (Spotted World x NewTown)
Huge complex with huge spots! The first batch received many awards in Japan. One of the best division sold for over 10K in Japan. Here is a remade using even better parents. Limited!
BS $85.00
PAC0139 Paph. Morgana Spots 'Skyer' x Casablanca 'Full Moon'
We look for huge flowers with dark spots!
NBS $30.00
BS $35.00
PAC0137 Paph. Sorcerer's Stone x sib
These are the best sibling crosses of this giant green complex! First few to bloom are huge and with great potential! Limited!
BS $45.00
PAC0136 Paph. Star Scream 'Samantha's Pick' AM/AOS x ((Fata Morgana x Lippespot) x (Lippespot x Lippetor)) 'Full Moon'
We hope for relatively huge flowers with huge spots on tall and strong stem!
NBS $30.00
BS $35.00
PAC0135 Paph. Stone Lovely 'Full Moon' x Icy Galaxy 'Over The Top'
Icy Galaxy is Stargate x Ice Castle which is very round and great substance. This is a new line of breeding for some modern complex white. First few to bloom are very round and with exceptional wide petals! Limited!
12-16cm ls $45.00
NBS $60.00
PAC0126 Paph. Stone Lovely 'Green Angel' x (Yosemite Moon x Stone Lovely) 'White Cloud'
Green Angel is our best Stone Lovely. Here we look for huge green with white halo flowers on a strong tall stem. First few bloomed are very promising!
14-18cm ls $25.00
BS $35.00
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