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Item # Name/Description Price
PAM0051 Paph. Bel Royal (kolopakingii var. topperi 'Jamboree' HCC/AOS x rothschidianum 'New Dimension')
Jamboree is a true topperi variety and carried 11 flowers on a very strong and tall spike. New Dimension is the largest rothschildianum I have with five flowers of 7.5 cm wide dorsal and 32 cm NS. It will be massive!
NBS $40.00
BS $50.00
PAM0163 Paph. Berenice album (philippinense var. album 'Jeanie's Delight' AM/AOS x lowii var. album 'Albino Beauty' CHM/AOS)
Berenice is one of my favor lowii hybrid. Here we remade in albino form! We expect very nice form of Berenice. Some of them have already bloomed albino! Two AOS awards so far!
24-30cm ls $30.00
PAM0226 Paph. gigantifolium 'Hsinying' SM/TOGA x Lady Isabel 'Crown'
Expect 5-6 large flowers with white dorsal and dark red strips. Large blooming size plants! Limited! Net price!
BS $80.00
PAM0218 Paph. godefroyae 'Bleeding Heart' x adductum var. anitum 'Ninja'
A very dark Bleeding Heart godefroyae crossed with a also very dark Ninja. With a spotted pouch of godefroyae, we hope for some solid dark burgundy flowers evenly thru the pouch. Limited! Net Price!
NBS $50.00
PAM0161 Paph. Hisae's Royal Duck (Bel Royal 'High Spirits' HCC/AOS x adductum 'Dark Cloud')
Expect very dark color flowers on a tall spike. With adductum being one of the parents, it should bring down plant size while still produce relatively large dark flowers. We expect this will be even better than PAM0124.
18-22cm ls $40.00
NBS $60.00
PAM0060 Paph. Houghtoniae (haynaldianum 'Jacki' AM/AOS x rothschildianum 'New Dimension')
Again New Dimension is our largest rothschildianum with 7.5cm dorsal and 32cm ns. Jacki has massive flowers and it is one of the best I have seen. One has received AOS award so far! Limited!
NBS $25.00
BS $40.00
PAM0225 Paph. Hsinying Anita (Lady Isabel 'Jumbo Lady' x adductum var. anitum 'Ace' AM/AOS)
Using our huge Lady Isabel from PAM0100 crossed with one of latest awarded anitum 'Ace'. We hope for some very large and rich color Formosa Lady.
20-24cm ls $25.00
28-32cm ls $30.00
PAM0197 Paph. Hsinying Anita 'Zorro' x rothschildianum 'Big Top'
Hsinying Anita is Lady Isabel x anitum, some of the best Lady Isabel hybrid with wide dorsal and dark burgundy strips. Here crossed back to it's grand parent rothschildianum to look for better size/form. Limited! Net price!
NBS $75.00
BS $95.00
PAM0198 Paph. Hsinying Franz '#2' x Johanna Burkhardt '15-4'
Hsinying Franz is rothschildianum x Stoned Susan, looks like a dark colored Lady Isabel. Here crossed with Johanna Burkhardt for larger and darker flowers! First to bloom has four perfectly round and dark dorsal flowers.
NBS $75.00
BS $95.00
PAM0200 Paph. Hsinying Franz 'MH-4' BM/TPS x adductum var. anitum 'MH-3'
Hsinying Franz is rothschildianum x Stoned Susan. We look for very dark color flowers similar to Johanna Burkhardt! Limited! Net Price!
20-24cm ls $50.00
PAM0208 Paph. Hsinying Lady Duck 'HOF' AM/AOS x Johanna Burkhardt 'Gold Rush' FCC/AOS
Hsinying Lady Duck is Lady Isabel x adductum v. anitum. Here crossed with it's an FCC JB for the size and color. We expect some huge and dark color flowers. Limited. Net price!
24-30cm ls $75.00
PAM0213 Paph. Hsinying Lady Duck 'SVO II' AM/AOS x Johanna Burkhart 'SVO'
Great cross from our friend at SVO. Johanna Burkhart 'SVO' is as good as SVO II and was first bloomed with 4 flowers! We hope for some very dark colors multifloral here! Limited! Net Price!
20-24cm ls $45.00
PAM0052 Paph. Hung Sheng Eagle (rothschildianum 'New Dimension' x gigantifolum 'Dark Warrior')
Another new multifloral primary hybrid made with our largest rothschildianum. New Dimension has 7.5cm dorsal and 32cm ns. First few to bloom have 6 huge flowers on a strong stem! Very Limited!
NBS $60.00
PAM0219 Paph. Hung Sheng General (Saint Swithin 'MH-11' x anitum 'MH-3')
If you like Saint Swithin, this is the one you must have! We hope for some very dark color Saint Swithin. Limited!
22-26cm ls $60.00
PAM0227 Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Perfection' AM/AOS x rothschildianum 'Simba'
JB 'Perfection' was from the same batch that had been awarded many FCC and should have awarded FCC too! Simba has very good color and form bred from Japan and USA strain. We hope for dark huge flowers! Limited! Net Price!
NBS $80.00
BS $95.00
PAM0201 Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Shogun's Pride' AM/AOS x rothschildianum 'New Horizon' FCC/AOS
JB '15-1' was from the same batch that had been awarded many FCC! Here crossed with one of the best recently awarded FCC rothschildianum. We hope for dark huge flowers! Limited! Net Price!
26-30cm ls $60.00
NBS $80.00
PAM0055 Paph. kolopakingii var. topperi 'Jamboree' HCC/AOS x gigantifolium 'Dark Worrior'
New primary multifloral hybrid! We expect a lot of flowers on a very strong and tall spike. Expect plant size to be much smaller than topperi itself.
28-34cm ls $35.00
NBS $50.00
PAM0221 Paph. Lady Isabel 'Handsome' HCC/AOS x Johanna Burkhardt 'Black Hole' FCC/AOS
One of the best JB with six very dark and huge flowers and crossed with a very large dorsal Lady Isabel. Hope for the best! Very Limited! Net price!
24-28cm ls $75.00
PAM0214 Paph. Lady Rothschild (Lady Isabel 'Jumbo Lady' x rothschildianum 'New Horizon' FCC/AOS)
Jumbo Lady is one of our largest Lady Isabel from PAM0100. Here we crossed with one of the latest FCC rothschildianum. Expect to be the best of this hybrid.
16-20cm ls $25.00
22-26cm ls $30.00
PAM0199 Paph. Lady Rothschild 'Grace' x gigantifolium 'Hsinying' SM/TOGA
Similar to Hung Sheng Eagle (rothschildianum x gigantifolum) in form and color. We hope for more compact plants. Limited!
BS $75.00
PAM0206 Paph. moquetianum 'Yang-Ji' AM/AOS x adductum var. anitum '#1'
3-4 flowers opening at the same time and can have up to 5-6 flowers per stem. Dorsal and petals expect to be much darker color. First few to bloom has huge solid red round dorsal. One AOS award so far! Limited!
BS $60.00
PAM0217 Paph. Prime Child (rothschildianum 'High Tower' x primulinum 'Gigantic' AM/AOS)
Remade of one of the most easy to grow and bloom rothschildianum hybrids. These can carry 5 flowers open all at the same time and finish over 8 flowers per stem! Gigantic is recently awarded AM!
NBS $25.00
BS $30.00
PAM0135 Paph. primulium var. album 'Yellow Bird' x dianthum var album 'Albino Beauty'
New primary hybrid in albinistic form. Easy to grow and free blooming. The first few to bloom are green and white with at least 4 very lovely flowers. Some may have bloomed before.
BS $25.00
PAM0134 Paph. Rolfei (bellatulum 'Gigantic' HCC/AOS x rothschildiaum 'Red Glory' FCC/AOS)
Remade with our latest awarded gigantic bellatulum with our latest FCC awarded rothschildianum. We have hope for large and dark color flowers. Used bellatulum being the pod parent, we hope this will be easier to bloom too!
16-20cm ls $30.00
BS $45.00
PAM0204 Paph. rothschildianum 'Speed of Light' x Johanna Burkhardt 'Black Hole' FCC/AOS
Speed of Light is very fast growing! Here crossed with one of the best recently awarded FCC Johanna Burkhardt. We hope for dark huge flowers and mature quicker! Limited! Net Price!
NBS $75.00
BS $95.00
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