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Item # Name/Description Price
PAM0246 Paph. rothschildianum 'Gigantic Dorsal' x Johanna Burkhardt 'Black Hole' FCC/AOS
Gigantic Dorsal has first bloomed with four huge flowers with 7cm dorsal. And Black Hole also was awarded with six flowers with 7cm dorsal! Hope for super huge flowers with huge round dorsal. Limited!
20-24cm ls $50.00
26-30cm ls $65.00
PAM0245 Paph. rothschildianum 'Little Giant' x thaianum 'Perfect Circle'
New compact miniature multifloral white hybrid. We use a very compact and good color Mont Miliais selfing as a parent and hope for compact multifloral similar to Woluwense but bloom from much compact plant.
NBS $30.00
BS $35.00
PAM0250 Paph. S. Gratrix 'Red Circle' x adductum var. anitum 'Ace' AM/AOS
anitum has been proved to be a great parent and specially with Brachy. Red Circle is very round and large. We hope for 2-3 dark red to chocolate color flowers!
12-16cm ls $40.00
NBS $50.00
PAM0216 Paph. Saint Swithin (philippinense 'Super Long Petals' x rothschildianum 'Leo' SM/JOGA)
Remade of this most popular primary rothschildianum hybrids. Expect good size and color from this remade.
NBS $40.00
BS $45.00
PAM0192 Paph. Saint Swithin (rothschildianum 'Nextel' x philippinense 'Ching Hua #31' SM/TPS)
Remade of this super and most popular primary hybrid using great parents! Nextel is Japanese breeding and has VG color, round dorsal and wide petals. Here we crossed a very long petals and dark color philippinense. Limited!
NBS $40.00
BS $45.00
PAM0223 Paph. Shin-Yi Williams 'Dark Chocolate' x adductum var. anitum 'Ace' AM/AOS
Shin-Yi Williams is William Ambler x rothschildianum. It was first bloomed with five dark chocolate color flowers with over 6cm dorsal. We hope for flowers similar to Johanna Burkhardt with much darker color!
26-30cm ls $35.00
NBS $45.00
PAM0237 Paph. Vanguard (moquettianum 'Gigantic Circle' x rothschildianum 'Leo' S/JOGA)
Remade of this once was in high demand hybrid with the new era of both species. The Gigantic Circle is the same strain as the recently awarded FCC clone. We hope for 4-5 huge dorsal flowers on a strong stem. Limited!
28-32cm ls $30.00
NBS $40.00
PAM0251 Paph. Woluwense (niveum 'Full Moon' x rothschildianum 'X-Hot' SSM/JOGA)
Remade of this white multifloral hybrid using a very large and round niveum and a super large rothschildianum. Limited!
14-18cm ls $25.00
NBS $30.00
PAM0241 Paph. Wossner Black Wings (rothschildianum 'Leo' SM/JOGA x adductum var. anitum 'Ace' AM/AOS)
Leo is bred from the same strain of 'Perfection' FCC/AOS, GM/JOGA and the flowers are as good as Perfection too! We expect some of the darkest JB we have made.
20-24cm ls $35.00
26-30cm ls $45.00
PAM0211 Paph. Wossner Black Wings (rothschildianum 'Red Sea' x adductum var. anitum 'Ace' AM/AOS)
Red Sea is one of the best we have bloomed from PAS0260 'Jamboree Zebra' x 'Perfection' FCC/AOS, GM/JOGA with dark red strips and pouch. We expect some of the darkest JB we have made.
NBS $70.00
BS $85.00
PAM0220 Paph. Wossner Black Wings 'Chouyi' GM/TPS/TOGA x Lady Rothschild 'Chouyi High'
An awarded GM Wossner Black Wings crossed with large Lady Rothschild. This can be one of the best multifloral hybrids. One of the first to bloom has over 7cm dorsal! Limited!
30-36cm ls $90.00
NBS $120.00
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