*** Last updated April 2017 ***

Item # Name/Description Price
PAN0074 Paph. Hilo Super Green x sib ('Green Delight' FCC/AOS x 'Gigantic Green')
Hilo Super Green is Hilo Jewel x sukhakulii album FCC. This probably one of the best modern green maudiae type you can find - huge round dorsal on tall strong stem. We selected two of the best for this sibling cross.
12-12cm ls $25.00
NBS $35.00
PAN0065 Paph. MacBeth's Ghost 'Dark Warrior' x (Odette's Glory x Macabre) 'Gigantic Vini'
Dark Warrior has dark burgundy flowers and Gigantic has huge solid vini flowers. Odette's Glory is Gloriosum x Black Currents. We hope for dark burgundy Maudiae type flowers and hope for a few completely black!
12-16cm ls $20.00
NBS $25.00
PAN0070 Paph. Willowspring 'Full Moon' AM/AOS x charlesworthii fma alba 'Perfect Circle' SM/EOC/DOG
Full Moon is a large green/white complex with almost completely white dorsal. We hope for some compact, easy to grow and bloom classic charlesworthii look complex! First few to bloomed with huge flowers from a 2" pot!
BS $30.00
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