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Item # Name/Description Price
CAS0078 C. aurantiaca aurea x self
Selfing of this rare color form of this species from El Salvador and Mexico.
BS $20.00
CAS0062 C. coccinea 4N x sib
4N breeding imported from Japan. Very round & full dark orange to red color flowers. Flowers can exceed 7cm ns from a fully mature plant. Same strain has awarded FCC/AOS recenty. Mounted - no need to repot!
4-5 growth $65.00
7+ growth $95.00
CAS0094 C. coccinea 'Oak Hill' x self
Selfing of this miniature species. These are all mounted and established well with minimum 4 bulbs. So no need to repot and good for life!
BS $40.00
CAS0075 C. grossii x self
Self of a selected clone of this species.
BS $25.00
CAS0024 C. jenmanii var. tipo 'Koenigin' AM/AOS x self
Selfing of an awarded clone of this species. Originally and ex collected clone from Venezuela, the parent plant is an extremely vigorous grower and produces large and well shaped flowers.
NBS $20.00
BS $25.00
CAS0064 C. leopoldii var. alba x self
Selfing of this beautiful albino form of this Brazilian species. These are some of the best cattleya species from Oakhill Gardens before the business changed hand.
12-16cm tall $25.00
BS $35.00
CAS0088 C. loddigesii 'Perfection' x self
A selfing of one of our best, very full form in exceed 11cm flowers!
BS $25.00
CAS0057 C. lueddemanniana var. coerulea x sib ('Canaima'sTiti' x 'Siqui Siqui')
Another sibling cross of the coerulea form of this species. Expect to exceed the quality of our previous sibling cross CAS0046! Limited!
BS $50.00
CAS0046 C. lueddemanniana var. coerulea x sib ('Siqui Siqui' x 'Evelyn')
Sibling cross of the coerulea form of this species. Both parents have good form and size! First few to bloom are true blue with good lip! Limited!
BS $45.00
CAS0029 C. lueddemanniana var. tipo 'Hayde' AM/SVCN x 'Leslie'
'Hayde' is a famous large lavender with a huge dark lip. 'Leslie' is a pastel pink with very good lip. First few to bloom have over 18cm flowers with huge dark lip and award quality! Photo is available on request.
BS $35.00
CAS0028 C. lueddemanniana var. tipo 'Hayde' AM/SVCN x 'Sian #2'
'Hayde' is a famous large lavender with a huge dark lip. 'Sian#2' is a dark huge well full shaped lavender. We expect this will be at least as good as CAS0029 with over 18cm flowers and are award quality.
BS $35.00
CAS0069 C. maxima tipo x sib ('SL' x 'Dark Lip')
Sibling cross of two best clones of this species. Great price due to good production!
BS $25.00
CAS0072 C. maxima var. concolor 'Olbrich Garden' x self
Selfing of a selected concolor variety of this species!
12-16cm tall $25.00
18-22cm tall $30.00
CAS0053 C. schroderae 'SVO' AM/AOS x self
'SVO' was recently awarded and flowers are very large for this species. We expect the offsprings to follow a similar trait.
NBS $25.00
CAS0054 C. schroderae x sib ('SVO II'HCC/AOS x 'SVO' AM/AOS)
Sibling cross from 2 awarded forms of this species. 'SVO' is an extraordinarly large flower, combined with SVO II, we expect some offsprings with good size and shape.
14-16cm tall $20.00
BS $30.00
CAS0051 C. trianaei var. coerulea x sib ('Luna Muisca' x 'Blue Diamond')
'Luna Muisca' is a proven breeder which has medium sized flowers but very good shape and color for a coerulea. 'Blue Diamond' is a 2nd generation cross and is superior to Luna Muisca'. First few bloomed are true coerulea!
NBS $25.00
BS $35.00
CAS0067 C. walkeriana x sib ('Divina' x 'CH#3')
Sibling of two of the very best forms. Limited!
BS $45.00
CAS0073 C. warneri var. coerulea x self
Another beautiful coerulea form of this species from southern part of Barzil.
BS $35.00
CAS0065 C. warneri var. flamea x var. rubra
Another beautiful species from southern part of Barzil.
14-16cm tall $20.00
BS $25.00
CAS0077 C. x guatemalensis aurea x self
Selfing of this rare color form of this free blooming natural hybrid.
14-16cm tall $15.00
NBS $20.00
CAS0091 Cymb. ensifolium var. 'Green Top' x self
A miniature green form of this Chinese Cymbidium species with very fragrance summer bloomers. Plants with 3-4 bulbs of 10-14cm tall.
NBS $20.00
CAS0087 Laeila perrinii 'Oak Hill' x self
Selfing of this species from southeastern part of Brazil.
NBS $2000.00
BS $25.00
CAS0079 Laelia grandis x sib
Sibling cross of this Brazilian species.
BS $25.00
CAS0056 Laelia praestans v. alba 'Evelyn' x self
Selfing of this compact rare species from Brazil. Only one true alba form ever found and this is a selfing of it. First few bloomed are all alba. VERY limited!
BS $85.00
SO013 Paraphalaenopsis labukensis
One of few species of this genus and it has the longest leaf (can be over 8' long). Very slow growing but worth the waiting when they are in bloom! It took over 10 years to grow to 5' long leaf. 2'-3' is NBS. Mounted.
3'-4' long $85.00
>6' long $200.00
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