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Item # Name/Description Price
PAS0003 Paph. armeniacum
This is still one of the most wanted Parvi species with bright yellow colored flower. They are very nice established plants. Excellent quality! You won't disappoint on these. 2-3 growth plants may be available @$85.00.
1 Growth $40.00
PAS0471 Paph. barbigerum fma. aureum x sib ('Green Delight' AQ/AOS x 'Green Wide Dorsal' AQ/AOS)
These are true albino form of this species and are from second generation breeding. So it is much easier to grow and flower. Very lovely and beauty miniature species. These all are 2-3 growths! Limited! Net Price.
BS $65.00
PAS0598 Paph. barbigerum var. coccineum x sib (Sammy' x 'Peter')
Sibling cross of this relatively new variety of this species. Very compact and good color. Limited! Net price!
BS $65.00
PAS0638 Paph. callosum x sib ('Perfect Circle' x 'Vini Beauty')
We used a huge wide 8cm dorsal normal color form and crossed with a very good form vini-color of this species. We hope for some good combination. We have sold a few of the selected similar earlier cross for high price!
BS $30.00
BS-vini $40.00
PAS0548 Paph. callosum x sib ('Perfect Circle' x 'Vini')
We used a huge wide 8cm dorsal normal color form and crossed with a vini-color form of this species. First few to bloom are very large. The vini color type flowers have very dark color and good form.
BS $25.00
BS - vini $35.00
PAS0429 Paph. callosum x sib ('Perfecto' x 'Rainbow')
Very nice coloration, form and size! We expect some winners here! Also available in reverse sib cross in PAS0430.
NBS $20.00
BS $25.00
PAS0618 Paph. charlesworthii fma alba x sib ('White Angels' x 'Perfect Circle' SM/EOC/DOG)
White Angels has 8cm ns with 6.5cm dorsal. Here we have two of our best form of this albino form of this species. Very compact growing. NBS with one plus growths Limited! Net price!
NBS $70.00
PAS0610 Paph. charlesworthii fma. alba x sib ('Gigantic' x 'First Class' AM/AOS)
Both parents are true albino. These are probably the best albino form so far. First Class is FCC material. Gigantic has almost 9cm ns with 6.5cm dorsal. One plus growths! Very limited and net price!
BS $95.00
PAS0595 Paph. charlesworthii fma. alba x sib ('White Angel' x 'First Class' AM/AOS)
Both parents are true albino. White Angel has 6.6cm dorsal and 8.5cm NS. First Class is FCC material. BS plants have one plus growths. Limited and Net Price!
BS $85.00
PAS0599 Paph. charlesworthii x sib ('Miao Hua-13' SM/TPS x 'MH-Chilli' SM/TPS)
These are bred with two true color form of this species which is not easy to find these days! Both parents have very wide dorsal and petals. We expect the best! Limited and Net Price!
NBS $45.00
PAS0594 Paph. concolor x sib ('Wide Body' x 'Perfection')
Our third generation breeding of this species. Perfectly round flowers crossed with an extra wide petals! We hope for the best. Limited!
BS $30.00
PAS0572 Paph. dayanum x sib ('Macho Man' x 'Wide Wings')
Sibling of two very nice with beautiful leaf species.
BS $30.00
PAS0543 Paph. delenatii var. album 'As White As Angel' x self
Selfing of a very round and pure white albinio form of this species.
NBS $20.00
BS $25.00
PAS0577 Paph. delenatii var. album 'White Angel' x self
Selfing of a albino form of this species. Bloomed from a small plants! Good price due to good germination!
BS $25.00
PAS0457 Paph. delenatii var. album x sib ('Snow White' x 'As White as Virgin')
Second generation of albino breeding! Hope for the best!
NBS $20.00
BS $25.00
PAS0542 Paph. delenatii var. vini (dunkle) x sib ('Vini Pouch' x 'Purple Lantern')
Sibling cross of two vini color form of this species.
NBS $25.00
BS $30.00
PAS0509 Paph. delenatii x sib ('Pink and Round' x var. vini 'Purple Lantern')
An large normal color form crossed with a vini (dunkel) color form. Here we try to produce some large, round vini!
NBS $20.00
BS $25.00
PAS0567 Paph. delenatii x sib ('Pink-n-Pink' x 'Full Moon')
An remake using a very round Full Moon and a very good color parents.
BS $20.00
PAS0544 Paph. delenatii x sib (var. vini color 'Purple Lantern' x 'Hat Trick' AM/AOS)
A sibling cross of one of the darkest color form with one of the best normal color form. Hat Trick was awarded for it's size (over 12cm NS) and form, one of the best! We here look for the best combination.
NBS $35.00
BS $40.00
PAS0641 Paph. druryii 'New Wave' x self
A selfing of one of the best from the second generation from 'The King'. This species is becoming very hard to find. Limited! Net Price!
BS $45.00
PAS0611 Paph. emersonii x sib ('Perfect Circle' x 'Wide Petals')
Both are of the new improved form of this species with very wide dorsal and wide flat petals. Both parents are over 13cm ns. Net Price!
12-14cm ls $60.00
BS $80.00
PAS0508 Paph. emersonii x sib ('Wide Petals' x 'Perfect Circle')
Both parents have very wide petals and wide dorsal. They both are over 13cm NS. Reverse sib cross of PAS0604. Limited! Net Price.
12-14cm ls $60.00
PAS0592 Paph. fairrieanum x sib ('My Fair Lady' x 'Red Dorsal' AQ/AOS)
My Fair Lady has 5.5cm dorsal while Red Dorsal has almost solid red dorsal of the same strain of the FCC clone. We hope for the best! Very limited! Net Price!
BS $50.00
PAS0515 Paph. fowliei var. album 'New Wave' x self
Selfing of one of the best from our latest breeding. One plus growth plants!
BS $45.00
PAS0583 Paph. gigantifolium x sib ('Hsinying' SM/TOGA x 'Crown')
Very nice sibling cross from Taiwan. These are legally imported in flask and have been growing very vigorous. Expect to bloom in 2 years! Only a few left! Net price!
30-34cm ls $120.00
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