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Item # Name/Description Price
PAS0565 Paph. stonei x sib ('New Dimension' x 'The Best')
New Dimension is one of the best from our PAS0030. The Best is originated from late Ray Rands collection and it is the best stonei he had. Now we crossed New Dimension back to one of it's parent.
NBS $45.00
BS $60.00
PAS0712 Paph. stonei x sib ('Red Pouch' x 'The Best')
Remade of stonei with a very dark red pouch crossed with Ray Rand's best stonei.
20-24cm ls $30.00
28-32cm ls $40.00
PAS0629 Paph. stonei x sib ('The Best' x 'Red Pouch')
Remade of stonei with a very dark red pouch crossed with Ray Rand's best stonei.
NBS $40.00
PAS0722 Paph. sukhakulii x sib ('Bold Statement' AM/AOS x Solid')
First few bloomed have large flower with wide and dark spots petels. Limited!
BS $45.00
PAS0713 Paph. superbiens var. curtisii 'Super Clone' AM/AOS x self
Selfing on this very large and recently awarded of species.
NBS $35.00
PAS0714 Paph. tigrinum x sib ('Wild Cat' x 'Cat Meow' AM/AOS)
First time we have this species available since 2007. Both parents have very nice color and are easy to bloom. Plants with one growth $150. Plants with one plus growths $200. Only a few each size are available!
BS 1G $150.00
BS 1+G $200.00
PAS0546 Paph. venustum 'Fox Catcher' FCC/AOS x self
This is your chance to have some FCC quality seedlings. A few of the first bloomed are VERY dark flowers with exceptional dark olive pouch! Some may have bloomed previously but not screened. One plus growths.
BS $40.00
PAS0694 Paph. venustum x sib ('Pink Wings' x 'Flat Wings')
Sibbling cross of two selected second generation breeding. Both parents have 75% of FCC Fox Catcher parentage.
BS $35.00
PAS0721 Paph. vietnamense x sib ('Purple Delight' x 'Purple Lantern')
These two are the best vietnamense we have. Both have exceptional dark purple color and good form. Flowers also last much longer than most! These are the best they can be! They can bloom from a small plant. Limited!
NBS $50.00
BS $60.00
PAS0658 Paph. villosum var boxallii fma. atratum x sib ('Black Mountain' x 'Tiger Eye')
Sibling cross of this darker color form of this variety with two of our darkest dorsal.
BS $25.00
PAS0614 Paph. villosum x sib (fma. amnamense 'Bloody Wide Dorsal' x 'Grand Finale' AM/AOS)
Very large and dark dorsal of this amnamense form of this species with 6cm dorsal. Here we crossed it with one the best and the largest villosum ever awarded! We hope for some huge flower with wide flat dorsal.
BS $35.00
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