*** All Lists Updated Jan 2019 ***

Item # Name/Description Price
PAP0345 Paph. Carolyn Butcher (Fanaticum 'SVO Chunky Monkey' AM/AOS x delenatii 'SVO VII' AM/AOS)
Remade of Carolyn Butcher with great double AM quality parents. Expect large and dark flowers similar to Magic Lantern. First few to bloom have very dark and round flowers! Limited!
BS $40.00
PAP0362 Paph. Dollgoldi (armeniacum 'Golden Boy' x rothschildianum 'X-Hot' SSM/JOGA)
Remade of the best golden yellow multifloral Parvi hybrids. Golden Boy has very bright yellow color and is almost 11cm ns. X-Hot is GM quality from Japan with very dark color flowers. We hope for 3-4 huge flowers.
16-20cm ls $40.00
PAP0341 Paph. Envy Green (malipoense x primulinum)
Semi-sequential greenish yellow flowers with light fragrance. This can bloom up to 6-7 flowers with 3-4 flowers opening at the same time when the plant is fully mature. Huge plants but all have bloomed previously!
BS $40.00
PAP0233 Paph. Fanaticum (micranthum 'Red Fox' x malipoense 'Red Strips')
Remade using two of our best color parents. We expect this strain should be as good if not better than our previous AQ strain. First one to bloom has exceptional dark color. Photo is available upon request! Limited!
10-14cm ls $35.00
BS $50.00
PAP0334 Paph. Fanaticum 'Pink Lantern' HCC/AQ/AOS x rothschildianum 'Mint Chocolate'
Pink Lantern is one of our AQ group and has very round and dark markings. Mint Chocolate is selected from some of the best MM x Val breeding. Expect flowers similar to Gloria Naugle but perhaps larger and fuller flowers!
14-18cm ls $35.00
NBS $45.00
PAP0364 Paph. Formosa Lady 'Red Sunset' x Liberty Taiwan 'Wilson'
Expect to be very similar Gloria Naugle. May have better color, size and longer petals . Very limited!
12-14cm ls $35.00
16-20cm ls $45.00
PAP0185 Paph. Frank Smith (Norito Hasegawa 'Vista Del Monte' AM/AOS x rothschildianum 'New Dimension')
Here we use the best NH and our best rothschildianum 'New Dimension' for this remade. First few to bloom have 2-3 large bright yellow to lime green flowers with burgundy strips. Limited!
NBS $40.00
PAP0370 Paph. Franz Glanz (armeniacum 'Yellow Ball' x emersonii 'Gigantic')
A good Franz Glanz is not easy to find. I hope these are the ones we are looking for! Limited!
BS $75.00
PAP0366 Paph. Fumi's Delight 'Rainbow' x delenatii fma. vini (dunkle) 'Purple Delight' AM/AOS
We are surprised this is an un-register cross! Color can range from creamy white to dark pink flowers. We also hope for some very round and flat flowers.
NBS $35.00
BS $45.00
PAP0369 Paph. Fumi's Gold (armeniacum 'Golden Wings' x concolor 'Full Moon')
The Golden Wings we used is very round and has over 10cm ns. We look for some round and golden yellow flowers with good substance. Limited!
NBS $40.00
PAP0224 Paph. Gloria Naugle (micranthum 'Jumbo' x rothschildianum 'Perfection' FCC/AOS, GM/JOGA)
Remade of this show stopper with superior parents. Jumbo has 10cm NS and dark pink color. Here we crossed with one of the best Perfection from Japan!
14-16cm ls $35.00
NBS $45.00
PAP0153 Paph. Gloria Naugle (rothschildianum 'Sam's Choice' AM/AOS x micranthum 'Black Widow')
Dark pink flowers with burgundy strips! First few to bloom have exceeded our expectation with very large, dark color flowers and a few have already awarded! limited!
NBS $75.00
BS $90.00
PAP0367 Paph. hangianum 'Red Center Fold' x (Ichiro Suzuki x bellatulum) 'New Red Moon'
A very good color hangianum 'Red Center Fold' crossed with a very dark color 'New Red Moon' which is one of the best PAB0086 we have bloomed. We look for some super sized Brachy! Limited!
12-14cm ls $60.00
PAP0351 Paph. Harold Koopowitz (rothschildianum 'Gigantic Dorsal' x malipoense 'Sam's Choice' FCC/AOS)
Gigantic Dorsal has first bloomed with four huge flowers with 7cm dorsal & 30cm ns. Sam's Choice is our FCC with over 15cm ns. First few bloomed in less than four years from flask with huge round dorsal and great color!
18-22cm ls $45.00
BS $65.00
PAP0256 Paph. Joyce Hasegawa (emersonii 'Full Moon' x delenatii var vini 'Purple Delight')
Remade with the vinii color form of the delenatii. We hope for some very round light pink flowers with lightly fragrance! First few bloomed are very promising with great form and over 13cm ns! A few of them have awarded!
NBS $40.00
PAP0361 Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz fma album (delenatii fma album 'White Devil' x malipoense fma album 'Chen Sawn')
Plants shown color leaves! We expect these plants will be colored. But they are extremely important for future albino breeding with tall stem flowers! Limited!
NBS $50.00
BS $60.00
PAP0365 Paph. Magic Lantern (micranthum 'Red Dragon' x delenatii fma vini (dunkle) 'Purple Delight' AM/AOS)
Remade of Magic Lantern with dark red micanthum and very dark vini color delenatii. We have bloomed some very dark pink of similar cross from our PAP0332 and they are awardable.
NBS $35.00
BS $45.00
PAP0348 Paph. Magic Lantern 'Pink Lantern' x emersonii 'Perfect Circle'
Expect huge and round flowers similar to Lola Bird! Very limited!
NBS $40.00
PAP0368 Paph. malipoense 'High Tower' x Liberty Taiwan 'Wilson'
Hope for some huge and improved Fanaticum! Very Limited!
12-14cmls $75.00
PAP0358 Paph. Misty Lantern (Magic Lantern 'Gigantic' AM/AOS x malipoense 'Scott')
We expect an improved Fanaticum on a tall stem.
NBS $45.00
PAP0363 Paph. Nori's Song (Norito Hasegawa 'Vista Del Monte' AM/AOS x malipoense 'Sam's Choice' FCC/AOS')
We hope for very full and hugh flowers similar to Norito Hasegawa. Very limited!
NBS $40.00
BS $50.00
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