*** All Lists Updated Jan 2019 ***

Item # Name/Description Price
PHH0099 Phrag. Bel Croute (Sorcerer's Apprentics x caudatum)
Greenish brown flowers with dark red longer petals on a strong stem. Huge plants with one plus growths.
BS $45.00
PHH0069 Phrag. Eumelia Arias (kovachii x schlimii)
Another lovely kovachii hybrid color ranging from dark pink to soft purple color. This hybrid stays compact. This remade is much easy to grow and expect to bloom quick too! Great price due to good production!
14-18cm ls $30.00
PHH0084 Phrag. Machelle Hershey 'Select' x Rosalie Dixler 'Fox Valley' AM/AOS
MH is d'alessandroi x fischii while RD is besseae x kaieteurum. Compact growing and multifloral branching! The first few bloomed have creamy white flowers with light pink center almost like fischii. Color can be vary!
BS $35.00
PHH0098 Phrag. Memoria Estelle Getty (longifolium fma. album x fischeri)
A remade with albino form of the longifolium. Flower color can be vary from red to light pink.
BS $35.00
PHH0080 Phrag. richteri 'FV' CBR/AOS x d'alessandroi 'FV' CHM/AOS)
Color will be brighter pink than Phrag. Fran Glanz, with better shape and a more compact branching growth habit.
12-16cm ls $20.00
NBS $25.00
PHH0097 Phrag. Wossner Dirndl 'Garnet Hope' x kovachii 'Plum Brother'
The latest breedings from The OZ! Garnet Hope is Jason Fischer x St. Ouen. It has exceptional round flower with wide red petals. Plum Brother is as good as the FCC Leonardo Andre. 1-2 years to bloom. Very Limited.
16-20cm ls $75.00
22-26cm ls $95.00
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