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Item # Name/Description Price
PHH0047 Phrag. Cape Sunset (Eric Young 'Rocket Fire' 4N x schlimii 'Isolde')
Beautiful soft pink to light lavender flowers having sizable proportions and awardable qualities. This is one of the most rewarding Phrag hybrids that is easy to grow and flower.
NBS $30.00
BS $35.00
PHH0070 Phrag. caudatum 'Chocolate Long Petals' x Magdalene Rose 'Red Glow'
A very dark and long petals caudatum crossed with a very large bright red Magdalene Rose. We hope for some dark red long petal China Dragon type flowers.
20-24cm ls $40.00
PHH0069 Phrag. Eumelia Arias (kovachii x schlimii)
Another lovely kovachii hybrid color ranging from dark pink to soft purple color. This hybrid stays compact. This remade is much easy to grow and expect to bloom quick too! Great price due to good production!
BS $35.00
PHH0085 Phrag. Frank Quintal Sr. (Cape Gold Nugget x Suzanne Decker)
Cape Gold Nugget is pearcei x Eric Young while. Suzanne Decker is kovachii x Cape Sunset. Color can range from soft pink to deep orange to light purple. Limited! Net price!
BS $85.00
PHH0088 Phrag. Fritz Schomburg (besseae var. flavum x kovachii)
One of the best kovachii hybrids bloomed so far and this time is bred with the flavum of besseae! Expect flower color ranging from dark pink to bright orangish red with wide petals! Very limited! Net price!
BS $85.00
PHH0077 Phrag. Hanne Popow (besseae var. flavum x schlimii)
Soft pink to white flowers similar to normal color Hanne Popow in form! First few to bloom have very lovely color and great form! Some may have bloomed previously.
BS $40.00
PHH0086 Phrag. Jason Fischer (Mem. Dick Clements 'Fire Engine' x besseae 'Wings')
These are all hand selected from The Orchid Zone! Huge plants with thick leaves and at least two growths (old and new). These are the ones we have kept. We decide to release a few of them. Limited! Net Price!
BS $75.00
PHH0079 Phrag. Kyle Quintal (Haley Decker 'PR' x besseae 'Big Bob')
Second generation kovachii hybrid color ranging from bright pink to soft purple color. This hybrid stays compact. Limited! Net Price.
BS $95.00
PHH0084 Phrag. Machelle Hershey 'Select' x Rosalie Dixler 'Fox Valley' AM/AOS
MH is d'alessandroi x fischii while RD is besseae x kaieteurum. Compact growing and multifloral branching! The first few bloomed have creamy white flowers with light pink center almost like fischii. Color can be vary!
BS $40.00
PHH0049 Phrag. Peruflora's Cirila Alca (kovachii x d'alessandroi)
Very exciting multifloral kovachii hybrid in dark pink to light purple color. Branching on a fully mature plant. Large plants are limited and ready to spike coming season! Net Price!
12-16cm ls $35.00
PHH0067 Phrag. Peruflora's Spirit (Eric Young 'Rocket Fire' 4N x kovachii 'Gigantic')
These seedlings are much easier to grow and bloom. Very similar to besseae x kovachii but with benching stem. First few to bloom has 13+cm ns flowers with color sunset tones of dark pink and salmoon to solid red! Net price!
BS $75.00
PHH0080 Phrag. richteri 'FV' CBR/AOS x d'alessandroi 'FV' CHM/AOS)
Color will be brighter pink than Phrag. Fran Glanz, with better shape and a more compact branching growth habit.
12-16cm ls $25.00
NBS $35.00
PHH0087 Phrag. Rouge Bouillon (Mem. Dick Clements x dalessandroi)
First few to bloom have huge flowers similar to Jason Fischer in color and form except with more flowers! Limited! Net price!
BS $50.00
PHH0081 Phrag. Seymour (d'alessandroi x schlimii)
Very similar to Hanne Popow but with a wider range of coloration and has more compact branching growth habit. Limited! Net price!
BS $45.00
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