*** Last updated October 2016 ***

Item # Name/Description Price
PHS0021 Phrag. besseae x sib
Sibling crosses from The Orchid Zone! Some of the best! We have bloomed a few closed to 10cm ns with excellent form and color. These are the ones we have kept and bloomed previously. Limited! Net Price!
BS $45.00
PHS0059 Phrag. d'alessandroi `Fox Valley' CHM/AOS x self
The parent is the only Phrag. D'alessandroi awarded by the AOS that has been positively identified by Dr. Cal Dodson, discoverer of this rare species. Multiple orange/red flowers on branched inflorescence. Limited. Net price.
NBS $45.00
PHS0041 Phrag. fischeri 'Pinky' x self
We finally have some seedlings of this hard to find and relatively rare species! Some may have bloomed previously. Limited! Net Price
BS $85.00
PHS0044 Phrag. lindenii 'New World' x self
A selfing of this relatively hard to find pouchless Phrag species. Blooming size has starting a second growth. It is very compact growing!
NBS $25.00
BS $35.00
PHS0060 Phrag. longifolium v album x sib ('FV' x 'Green Delight')
A very fast growing Green Delight crossed back to it's parent of the only one albino form ever discovered. Limited. Net price!
12-16cm ls $75.00
NBS $90.00
PHS0042 Phrag. longifolium var. roezlii 'Vista Del Monte' x self
Selfing of this true miniature variety of longifolium speices. This clone has been confirmed by L. Garay. These are fast growing plants. Good price due to good germination!
BS $20.00
PHS0052 Phrag. longifolium x sib ('Domenica' HCC/AOS x 'Woodstream' AM/AOS)
Remade using two of the best samples of this species. Reverse of PHS0039.
NBS $20.00
BS $25.00
PHS0039 Phrag. longifolium x sib ('Woodstream' AM/AOS x 'Domenica' HCC/AOS)
Remade using two of the best samples of this species.
NBS $20.00
BS $25.00
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