*** All Lists Updated Jan 2019 ***

Item # Name/Description Price
PHS0064 Phrag. kovachii 'Grande' x self
These plants are much easy to grow and bloom! We have these grown in our regular bark mix top dress with coarse lime. BS has one plus growths! Limited
NBS $125.00
BS $175.00
PHS0063 Phrag. lindenii 'Birchwood' x self
Birchwood is one the the best from the Dr. Clement's collection! Limited!
NBS $30.00
PHS0044 Phrag. lindenii 'New World' x self
A selfing of this relatively hard to find pouchless Phrag species. Blooming size has starting a second growth. It is very compact growing!
NBS $30.00
PHS0060 Phrag. longifolium v album x sib ('FV' x 'Green Delight')
A very fast growing Green Delight crossed back to it's parent of the only one albino form ever discovered. Limited.
NBS $95.00
BS $125.00
PHS0042 Phrag. longifolium var. roezlii 'Vista Del Monte' x self
Selfing of this true miniature variety of longifolium speices. This clone has been confirmed by L. Garay. Two plus growths plants. Limited!
BS $40.00
PHS0039 Phrag. longifolium x sib ('Woodstream' AM/AOS x 'Domenica' HCC/AOS)
Remade using two of the best samples of this species. Blooming size plants are huge!
BS $30.00
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